Our Mares

From the very beginning, Holsteiner Breeders have known that the mother line is of the greatest importance to any breeding program. Each and every mother line, or stamm, has been carefully numbered in order to keep track of each family and to chart the success of each stamm. Also, each mare must be evaluated and approved in order to breed and to be entered into the Holsteiner Horse Stud Book. For more information about any of our mares and their foals, or to discuss a custom breeding, please give us a call.

Keystone Farm has been extremely fortunate to acquire a few great mares from some of the best stamm lines in the world. Let us introduce you to them.


SIRE: Limoncello ll | DAM: Raffin | YEAR: 2014
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SIRE: Dolany | DAM: Ipsa | YEAR: 2015
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Inka KF

SIRE: Limoncello ll | DAM: Ahrenlohe | YEAR: 2016
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SIRE: Limoncello II | DAM: Loki | YEAR: 2011
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SIRE: Alcatraz | DAM: Caletta Vll | YEAR: 1994
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SIRE: Lintas | DAM: Love to Swish | YEAR: 2007
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SIRE: Cassaro | DAM: True Life | YEAR: 2008
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